Faculty Ethics Review Board (FMG-UvA)

About the Faculty Ethics Review Board

The Faculty Ethics Review Board of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ERB) evaluates research for which staff members of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (FMG-UvA) are responsible. The ERB evaluates whether research meets the ethical standards formalized in the Ethics Regulations. Ethical approval implies that joint liability is transferred from the individual researcher to the FMG-department that is concerned. Data collection CANNOT start without ERB approval.

Who should apply

Only FMG-staff members can submit a project. Bachelor and Master thesis research has to be filed by the responsible supervisor, not the student. The ERB has a separate procedure for institutions that are not affiliated with the FMG-UvA but nevertheless utilize the FMG-labfacilities in building REC-L. Such projects should also be submitted to the ERB as "External Research".

Scientific Integrity

The procedure also covers Scientific Integrity issues. Although completing the Scientific Integrity checklist is mandatory for employees of the Department of Psychology, it does not concern nor impact upon the outcome of the ethics review. For matters concerning Scientific Integrity, researchers are referred to the Scientific Integrity Committee.

The Ethics Review Procedure

Once registered, users can log in directly. At My Projects users can monitor ongoing and filed projects and submit a new project.

Before submitting a new project, you should have prepared the following documents:

  1. information letter for the participant.
  2. consent form for the participant.
  3. short description of the design (max. 1 A4).

The procedure for submitting a new project is:

  1. answer the online questions concerning ethics and scientific integrity.
  2. upload the required documents, such as the information letter, the consent form and a short research description highlighting the ethical aspects.
  3. once submitted, your project will be evaluated by a CE-delegate of your department (see the member list below).
  4. if your project meets the requirements for standard research, it will be approved within 10 working days.
  5. not-standard research will be evaluated at the upcoming plenary CE-meeting, every first Monday of the month.

NB: Not-standard research will be discussed at the plenary ERB meeting and should be submitted latest on Monday (i.e., a week) before the plenary meeting to facilitate a timely setting of the agenda.

-- Faculty Ethics Review Board FMG-UvA  |  November 2013



Examples of information letters and consent forms (updated November 2017)