The current LAB web application as the environment for Ethics Reviews is replaced by Research Management Services (RMS). RMS will also provide other tasks pertaining data collection, such as Data Management Plans, Data Archiving, and more! However all other tasks (like participant recruitment and lab reservations) will still be located here. If your project requires these task make sure you indicate this in RMS (there will be a question asking as much in the ethics module). A project will automatically be created for you here. Also, your old projects will still be available here.

For more information
Ethics Review Board
Please contact the appropriate department member with any ethical concerns you have.
Supervisors should be consulted before submitting any questions to committee members.
Chair Wery van den Wildenberg w.p.m.vandenwildenberg@uva.nl
Secretary Joost van der Meer j.j.w.vandermeer@uva.nl
Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)
Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)Yomi van der Veeny.m.vanderveen@uva.nl
Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)Evelien OomenE.Oomen@uva.nl
Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)Marilena Poulopouloue.m.poulopoulou@uva.nl
Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR)Marleen Rademakerm.e.b.rademaker@uva.nl
Child Development and Education
Child Development and EducationTitia van ZuijenT.L.vanZuijen@uva.nl
Child Development and EducationHenny Bosh.m.w.bos@uva.nl
Child Development and EducationJessica Asscherj.j.asscher@uva.nl
Child Development and EducationEddie BrummelmanE.Brummelman@uva.nl
Child Development and EducationSuzanne van Wilgenburgh (contact person)s.vanwilgenburgh@uva.nl
Child Development and EducationEmma Schreurse.e.schreurs@uva.nl
Child Development and EducationStephanie Raps.e.rap@uva.nl
Communication Science
Communication ScienceEva van ReijmersdalE.A.vanReijmersdal@uva.nl
Communication ScienceAmber van der WalA.vanderWal@uva.nl
Communication ScienceAino Kohoa.a.koho@uva.nl
Corporate CommunicationMark BoukesM.Boukes@uva.nl
Persuasive CommunicationHilde VoorveldH.A.M.Voorveld@uva.nl
Persuasive CommunicationJoanna StrycharzJ.Strycharz@uva.nl
Political Communication and JournalismBert BakkerB.N.Bakker@uva.nl
Youth and Media EntertainmentMarlies KlijnM.E.Klijn@uva.nl
Youth and Media EntertainmentJeroen LemmensJ.S.Lemmens@uva.nl
External research
External researchWery van den WildenbergW.P.M.vandenWildenberg@uva.nl
PsychologyWery van den WildenbergW.P.M.vandenWildenberg@uva.nl
Brain & CognitionYaïr PintoY.Pinto@uva.nl
Clinical PsychologyArnold van Emmerika.a.p.vanemmerik@uva.nl
College of Psychology (Psychology Bachelor Thesis)Guido ValkG.H.Valk@uva.nl
Developmental PsychologyHelle LarsenH.Larsen@uva.nl
Psychological MethodsLourens WaldorpL.J.Waldorp@uva.nl
Social PsychologyMark RotteveelM.Rotteveel@uva.nl
Social PsychologyVelichko Fetvadjievv.h.fetvadjiev@uva.nl
Work & OrganizationalMatthijs BaasM.Baas@uva.nl
Work & OrganizationalRoy SijbomR.B.L.Sijbom@uva.nl
Work & OrganizationalEleni Georgantae.georganta@uva.nl
Researchlab FMG
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Building REC-L
Nieuwe Achtergracht 129
1018 WS Amsterdam

Please direct all your research / project questions to the subject pool coördinator.
Email: subjectpool-psy@uva.nl
Telefoon: 020 525 6769
For question about registration without UvAnetID please contact the lab coördinator.
Email: lab-fmg@uva.nl
Telefoon: 020-5256802
Technical support: websupport-psy@uva.nl