Faculty Ethics Review Board (FMG-UvA)

Approval by the Ethics Review Board (ERB) is important for students, PhD’s, post-docs and staff members of the FMG-UvA who plan to run a study. Many scientific journals require ERB approval before considering publication of a study with human participants. ERB approval is mandatory before you can start collecting data. It assures you that, in the unlikely case anything goes wrong during your study, the UvA takes on full responsibility. To put it differently: without ERB approval, you are personally responsible in case of physical or psychological harm to your participants.



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Check the informed consent procotol : Informed Consent Guidelines (pdf)



About the ERB

The ERB of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG) evaluates research for which FMG staff members are responsible. The ERB evaluates whether research meets the ethical standards formalized in the national ethics code. Ethical approval implies that joint liability is transferred from the individual researcher to the FMG-department that is concerned.

Who should apply

Only FMG-staff members can submit a project. However, Bachelor and Master students may assist their supervisor with preparing the ethics project using the deligate procedure (described here). The responsible supervisor, not the student, should supervise and submit the for ERB review. Researchers of institutions that are not affiliated with the FMG-UvA but nevertheless use FMG-labfacilities should submitted their project as "External Research".

Application procedure

Once registered, users can log in directly. Please select your department using the drop-down menu at the top of this page for the procedures that apply to your department.

Appeal procedure

The ERB (FMG-UvA) is an advisory committee established by the Board of the FMG-UvA. Researchers who disagree with an advice of the ERB can appeal to their Research Institute Director. Objections to decisions of the Research Institute Director can be filed with the Board of the FMG.

Informed Consent Guidelines

National code of ethics

National Ethics Council for Social and Behavioural Sciences drafted the national code of ethics for research in the Social and Behavioural Sciences involving human participants that is not covered by the Medical Research Involving Human Participants Act (Wet medisch‚Äźwetenschappelijk onderzoek met mensen, WMO). The national ethics code is endorsed by the Deans of Social Sciences (DSW). More information is available at http://www.nethics.nl.


On 29 November 2018, the METC-AMC decided that the WMO applies for research involving rTMS. Hence, the ERB (FMG-UvA) does not take rTMS research into consideration. Researchers should submit their rTMS projects to the METC for ethical evaluation.

-- Faculty Ethics Review Board (FMG-UvA)  |  February 2019